Saturday, May 8, 2010

21 Months

The little lady is 21 months old today. I CANNOT believe it. As each month passes and we get closer to her turning two my heart breaks. I never thought time could possibly go as fast as it has. In just THREE months I am going to have to say "shes two". So many things about her are not baby anymore. My little baby truly is turning into a "big gul". So much so that she is doing so pretty neat things:
-she uses please and thank-you appropriately a lot.
-she can walk up and down the stairs well enough that the gates are gone from the stairs.
-she speaks in full sentences. My favorites: "Thank-you, Mamma" and "I love you, Mamma".
-she knows several people's names and asks about them on a regular basis.
-she LOVES her "Papa's"
-playing outside is her favorite thing to do. She LOVES playing "bball" with her Daddy.
-She talks about "Mamma's baby" and tells it "I'm big sisser, loves you and "nigh nigh".
-She is getting pretty good about telling the difference between a boy and a girl.


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