Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time flies when you are a working girl!!!

Well, it has been almost two weeks since Nora and I returned back to my job. She really has been quite the trooper! In the past few weeks she has decided she is an independent little girl and rarely likes to be held. Instead she likes to spend time playing with her toys, especially her laugh and learn gym, and her white tiger her daddy brought her from Las Vegas. Although I truly do miss the snuggling, it does make it easier to get things done around here! Besides work not much has been going on. Nora turned THREE MONTHS OLD on November 8th which seems so hard to believe. Because of this and her baptism we decided to have my friend, Kari take some more pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

New things for Nora:
1) Sucking her thumb. At times she sucks her thumb in one corner of her mouth and her binky in the other. Oral fixation? I think not =0)
2) Screaming non-stop. Not out of anger, but just to hear her own voice.


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