Thursday, December 18, 2008

She did it!!!

Today was a very exciting day at our house. My little girl truly is growing up. Not only does she now prefer to sit facing outward on people's laps, she can also ROLL OVER!! I was at my friend, Tasha's when all of a sudden she said "she just rolled over! Luckily I had my camera right there so I took some shots... She hasnt quite mastered the getting her arm out from under her part yet, but it didnt stop her from cooing at her accomplishment...
Here are the pics:
I looked down and this is what I saw:

all the way over..... man it was hard work...

but she was so proud of her accomplishment!

Ethan and Zach also spent the afternoon with us. They had a fun time building a fort and playing guns in the backyard... I just love these boys... their imagination is endless....

P.S. Sorry for the sideways images... I cannot figure out how to rotate them without starting all over and I am tired =0)


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