Thursday, October 9, 2008

Man, times change so fast!

Well it seems everytime I turn around Nora is getting bigger and changing SOOO fast. Nora turned TWO MONTHS OLD yesterday and with it being such a sad day (my Aunt Sue's funeral) it didnt dawn on me until about 9:00pm that this was the case. A lot has been going on lately, including, Grandma and Grandpa Bukaty's 80th birthday celebration:

Nora's first trip to the Kansas City Zoo (with Aunt Molly and Aunt Tracy, Grandma Miller and Cousins, Nolan and Carson:

and sadly enough an unplanned trip back to SE Kansas for a funeral where Nora got to meet all of her Pool family (sorry no pics taken, forgot the camera).

After all of this, Nora and I plan on having a few days where we do nothing but hang out around the house with a couple of good cousins, Zachy and Ethan. Nora really has grown fond of Zachy and they do a lot of cuddling on the couch:
Until next time, take care!!!


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