Saturday, August 16, 2008

One week... already

Well, Nora celebrated her week birthday yesterday and everything continues to be going quite well. She has almost gained back all of her weight and is an angel baby. She rarely fusses and only wakes up ONE time between midnight and 6 am! I cannot believe it! With me feeling great, her first week of life has been quite an active one... so far she has went to the Lawrence swimming pool with her cousins, the public library, several restaurants, the WWI museum at Liberty Memorial and Rain Forest Cafe. Dad goes back to work this week, so the fun is likely to end and the little girl and I will have to start being creative with how we are going to spend the next 11 weeks!!!
As soon as my husband shares the pictures off of his computer with me, I will be sure to post some.... she is definitely a CUTIE (and looks nothing like her mom)!!!


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