Friday, October 10, 2008

So, not all photographers are created equal

So I said that Nora and I were gonna set around the house and take it easy. I lied. Today I found a special online at Sears for a halloween collage and no sitting fee at their portrait studio. Knowing that Nora had just turned two months I really wanted to get her pictures taken and also really wanted to send out Halloween cards... so when I came across this I thought PERFECT... well needless to say, it wasn't. The lady was slow as snails, didn't have any concept of working QUICKLY when dealing with a 2 month old, and was really rude! After TWO trips to the studio (I gave up the first time and scheduled a time to come back later) we got a few good pics of Nora as a kitty cat. Needless to say this adventure also taught me the value of having a good friend who also happens to be a photographer... Needless to say we will NOT be going back to Sears for our future photo takings. Oh and by the way, that said photographer friend also got me hooked on a website called where I made the following collages:


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