Friday, August 31, 2012

It May Be Raining Outside....

but I am sooo happy my "blues" are over. Going through something as trying as my Mama having a transplant was HARD stuff kids. I mean HARD. Days upon days of not talking to a lady I am used to talking to daily, knowing she is laying in a hospital bed beyond sick and not knowing if she is going to come out ahead in the end is SCARY.But guess what? She made it and I am happy to say she is doing pretty darn good. She is back on Facebook, her computer, and even MAKING phone calls!! Very soon she will be heading back to Chanute.YAY!! And guess what else? After 30 some years she is officially RETIRED. This news came as somewhat of a surprise (this world can be a pretty cruel place sometimes) but she took it like a champ. When she called to tell me, my imediate thoughts after shock were YES, she is no longer working AND no longer sick... this means we can nab Grandma ANYTIME we want...and guess what? You better believe we will! So Mom, CONGRATS on your retirement! I hope you are ready to live this new and exciting chapter of your life, because my kiddos and I are ready to take on some adventures with you!!


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