Friday, July 15, 2011

Woweee... Its been a busy busy time!

Things around the Miller household have been busy lately. We have spent a lot of time outdoors, swimming, going to Ryan's parent's lakehouse, visiting Grandparents, going to birthday parties and just enjoying our most favorite time of the year: Summer! This Mama has been HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately. Something about having two kiddos leaves me short on hands to actually take pictures of all the fun we have. This weekend we have yet another birthday party to attend and then we are closing in on the homestretch to start celebrating the two little ladies in our own house's 1st and 3rd birthdays! Im not sure how that can be possible, but it is. I have grand plans for both and am trying my best to not procrastinate so that something that should be fun doesnt turn me into a stressful mess!!
In other news, Reese is GROWING UP and changing SOOOO fast. In the past month she has managed to get two teeth, master the army crawl, endure three nights of crying it out which lead her to succesfully putting herself to sleep every single time, and switch from eating baby food to literally chowing down on almost any kind of table food. The girl can EAT (and is often known to consume more food in one sitting than her nearly 3 year old sister)!
Nora on the otherhand has made her own accomplishments as well. She is FINALLY daytime potty trained. All it took was a little talk from her "big" cousins, Nolan and Carson and she made the switch. Needless to say, I am more than excited to have this under our belt. I really was starting to think we were not going to be able to send her to preschool!


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