Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful, But With A Heavy Heart....

Today I am reminded how thankful I should be that I have two healthy, beautiful children whom I had no diffiiculty what-so-ever bringing into this world. This afternoon as I was enjoying the fact that those healthy children were taking a LONG nap, I checked facebook to see that my friend, who has lost two babies already (one at 36 weeks) and is 33 weeks pregnant is now admitted to the hospital and is at risk of losing this baby. Immediately my heart was in my stomach and I thought I was going to vomit. I've been sick with worry since. This friend of mine is fairly new to me, however, her little girl and Nora hit it off immediately and not a day goes by that questions of where "A" is or what she is doing pass. Nora truly loves her and if it were up to her, she and "A" would do EVERYTHING together.
After Nora woke up from her nap and suggested that we go swimming with "A" I told her that "A" wasn't going to be able to come swimming with us anytime soon because her Mama was in the hospital. I told Nora that we needed to pray for "A's" Mama and baby... Here's how Nora's prayer went:
"Dear God, please make Miss R better so that "A" can come swim in the big pool". Pretty straightforward if you ask me...
Now I ask you, too, to please, please pray for my friend and her family. NO family should have to endure losing one child... let alone several....
After doing this, hug those kiddos of yours a little tighter and thank God for everyday that you have them!


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