Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Like many, Memorial Day is the start of summer. This year it was a bit bittersweet considering the place I grew up spending my summers was blown away from a tornado last Sunday evening. I have debated blogging about this loss all week, but after spending the weekend at Ryan's parent's lakehouse the guilt of knowing others were spending their weekend cleaning up situations such as the picture below ate at me and I couldnt help but mention it:
(My parents place at the lake)
I feel horrible that this had to happen. Although I have to admit I havent been down there much in years, I honestly was just thinking this summer that Nora would be old enough to send down with my parents alone. Now because of good ol mother nature that will not be happening. I have no doubt that with the clan that "lives" down there it wont be long before it is all back to normal, but it will never be the same. ´╗┐It is really sad to see so many peoples YEARS of hard work gone with just one swift blow of wind.
On another note, tornado or not, as far as I am concerned it is now SUMMER and I am ONE HAPPY GIRL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some hot weather, a swimsuit (though I have to admit I liked this one a little more pre kiddos) and a body of water (be it a pool or a lake). Thankfully so does this girl:
Which is a good thing considering I dont think she has a choice =0)


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