Friday, May 27, 2011

California Vacation Part Three

After spending the day Saturday in Newport Beach we headed on down to San Diego. We went to Old Town for dinner and then headed back to our hotel. The next morning we woke up and headed to the USS Midway Museum in the morning and then headed to Coronado Beach in the afternoon. We ventured to the Gaslight District for dinner (which I would NOT recommend going to with children) and then headed back to our hotel. I have to be honest in saying that I was a little bit dissapointed in San Diego when we first arrived, but after having discovered Coronado, I was thankful we made the jaunt there. Coronado was BEAUTIFUL. Needless to say, every gap we had to fill in our vacation was spent going there
(This is a picture of Nora on the USS Midway Flight Deck. This aircraft carrier was ENORMOUS).

The next day we woke up and headed to San Diego Zoo. I was excited to go and so was Nora. We saw all sorts of animals including the ONLY panda bears in the United States. Here are some pics from that part of our trip:
 The flamingos were Nora's favorite animal at the zoo. Why you might ask? "Because they sleep on one leg" Silly, silly girl!

Our last day there, we got up and after a quick stop by Sprinkles for some cupcakes we headed to an aquarium to kill some time before we had to head back to Kansas. The aquarium was neat, but I would have rather been spending my time on the beach ;)

Overall our vacation was a blast. We all had a great time and we couldnt have asked for better kids. We truly are blessed to be able to do such fun things with our children. My hope is that this vacation is just one of many that they will remember when they are grown.


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