Monday, May 2, 2011


staring at the scale with the same number staring back at me. 148.4. Stuck at a weight I am not happy to be stuck at.
Amazed.... amazed at the fact that this number has not budged, not even up or down an ounce for nearly two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I feel like I am wasting time. Afterall summer is RIGHT around the corner. I really would LOVE to be at my goal weight by then... however, I am starting to realize that is not likely to happen.
Happy... happy because although I have not lost ONE ounce, I also have not gained ONE ounce. I guess I will just have to be happy about this... and read up on hitting a plateau, losing motivation and forcing myself into finding a way to somehow exercise with two young children, one of whom makes themselves sick when left with stangers....
Stay tuned, the rest of this journey just might be interesting!


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