Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're still here... kinda

Just wanted to let you all know that we are still here... kinda. It's been a LONG week at the Miller's. So long that I swear it has to be Friday, but its not!
Heres the run down on whats been going on:
- Nora had her pics taken Sunday... lots of prepping for those Saturday (of course I wont share those with any of you until I get them from the photographer and it is closer to her birthday)
-Sunday N came down with a fever.... fever has yet to stay away. Im thinking its the good ol teeth, but considering we are going on nearly 60 hours of fever (off and on) I am starting to think not... I feel a trip to the doctor coming on.
-Our air conditioner in our house broke... of course in the evening so we had the luxury of sleeping sans air conditioning. Of course this had to happen when Little Miss N had a fever so I felt terrible for her. It's fixed now. The repairman did let us know that our unit has outlived its typical lifespan... dear God just let it last a little bit longer...
thats all for now....
boring, I know....
more excitement when the little monkey gets to feeling better!


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