Thursday, July 9, 2009

11 Months!

Shes a Little Bit of Sunshine:

She's a little bit of sunshine
She's a smile to light your days
She will steal your heart and keep it
With her warm endearing ways
She's your precious little daughter
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill your years with laughter And your lives with lots of love

The above poem is a poem that I often think about when I think of Nora. Nora is now ELEVEN months old and I have noticed myself thinking about the time that has already passed more and more. I cant believe that my little girl is sooo close to being one! How can it be??

Here are some happenings these days for Nora:

- She says: Dadda, Dog, and Baby. You try to spell your name. You have the N, O and A down... now if we can just get you to not be dependent on Mamma to say the R. You also can count to three. The way you say two melts my heart every time you say it. It is just too stinkin cute!

- You can sign milk and all done (thanks, Aunt Stacie)

- You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. You can also sit down without wiping out.

- You can go up and down the stairs. This makes Mamma really nervous!

- You wear 9-12 month clothes and are still shy of 20 lbs. You are still our long, lanky girl.

- You love to dance, play peek-a-boo, play How big is Nora, give your Mamma kisses, ride on your Radio Flyer Rocket, "draw" pictures on your Magna Doodle, play with your baby and sing (especially ABC's and If Youre Happy and You Know It). You also love swimming and spending time outdoors.

- You pretty much eat what we eat. You are totally on formula and have been since 9 months (when Mamma got Bells Palsy). You never seemed to mind the transition, but it still breaks Mamma's heart that you are no longer dependent on her.


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