Friday, July 17, 2009


Nora still has a fever. We had quite the scare in the middle of the night last night when it shot up to 104.5. I immediately called the doctor, followed her advice and went back to sleep. Miss N woke up this morning still having a temperature, but it was down to 100 so that was better. She has yet to break it this morning and is REALLY not acting herself. I feel sooo helpless as we try to figure out the cause. We took her to the doctor yesterday and her ears, throat and nose all looked okay so we are now trying to collect urine so that it can be cultured. So far we are not having any luck so I am frustrated and uncertain about how else to get the deed done. Trying to collect urine from an 11 month old, take care of a sick sick baby, drive clear across town to get more specimen bags and get the work from my job done all at the same time is leading to one stressed mamma! Dear baby please get well soon!


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