Sunday, February 6, 2011

18 Pounds 8 Ounces.... REALLY???

Holy smokes. I took Reese to the doctor the other day. She had developed a cold, hadn't slept worth a darn the previous two nights and I was paranoid she might have an ear infection. Thankfully she did not. The doctor said it was possible she had RSV but didnt test for it, and after leaving I really think she just has a cold. She doesnt act bad, just is snotty and is back to sleeping just fine. What we did find out for certain is that she weighs EIGHTEEN POUNDS EIGHT OUNCES. I was in shock. The nurse weighed her and I made her weigh her again. Guess what? The scale said the same thing. Next to the baby scale stood my big girl, Nora on the big kid scale and guess what she weighs (at 30 months) 26 pounds (with her boots on). I guess we can tell who is going to the big girl around our house =0)


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