Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adventures in Dieting Week Two: 1.6 lbs. lost

I knew at the beginnning of the week that this week would be tough. There were many challenges facing me  including my Mom coming to stay, me scrapbooking all day Saturday and Ryan being gone. I was hoping that I would be able to be stronger than the challenges but unfortunately I wasnt. Needless to say, after consuming a 9 pt. piece of carrot cake, eating at Chilis not once, but twice, and eating at First Watch, I was was scared to step on the scale. I cheated Sunday evening and weighed myself and sadly, the scale had went the wrong direction. I quickly got back on board and by Wednesday I had managed to pull off a 1.6 pound weight loss. Nothing compared to last weeks loss, but I guess its better than nothing. On a positive note, Weight Watchers told me that I met my first goal, and that I have lost 5 percent of my total weight. 10 lbs lost. 40 more to go!


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