Saturday, December 18, 2010


Thursday evening I had just put Nora to bed and used her sink to brush her teeth when Ryan came down and asked how long had Nora's sink been running without me telling him. I told him it hadn't been and that we had just finished using it. He then thought just the faucet was broken and since it was late at night planned to wait and fix it the next day. Well, little did we know at the time that that would be a BAD idea. Instead of the faucet just running, it also was leaking. By morning it had leaked through the vanity, through the floor, through our ceiling, through the wool rug in our living room, onto our couch and into our wood floors. FUN TIMES. Ryan had to go to work so we cleaned up what we could and he went to work and the girls and I got out of the house. While Ryan was at work it finally hit both of us that this was a bigger problem than we originally thought and realized we probably needed to file a claim with our homeowners insurance. We did that and before we knew it in came this:
and this:

so now we get to live like this for awhile:
and to top it all off, of the six bathroom faucets that could break in our house, it had to be the one in THIS little ladies room.  The same little lady who has a HUGE attachment to sleeping in her room and does not do well at all sleeping elsewhere no matter how much convincing you do about how cool it would be to sleep in "Grandma's room"
BOO to broken faucets. They SUCK!


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