Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adventures of Dieting: Life lessons are sometimes learned the hard way!

So today was one of Ryan's employee's 50th birthday. Nora is quite fond of "Mr. Lee" and found out that it was his birthday when daddy went to his party this past Sunday. Since then, Nora insisted on baking Mr. Lee a "dirday cake", taking it to Auto Now and singing Happy Birthday. Since "Mr. Lee" is a single man I thought heck, why not, but didnt really push the issue thinking maybe it would be dropped. Guess what? The little lady DID NOT forget and last night there we were making Mr. Lee his "dirday cake" (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting). I knew the entire time that I would have to have a piece and planned, looked forward to and consumed it this morning. Once I returned home I typed in the nutrition information and HOLY COW, guess how many Weight Watchers points that darn thing had?!?! NINETEEN. NINETEEN people. That is insane. When I was on WW last time that would have been nearly ALL of my points for the day. Thankfully since I am nursing, I have plenty more points than before, but HOLY batman that is ALOT. I guess the lesson I learned from this one is to NEVER consume anything before knowing the point total.... that is unless that is all I want to eat that day!


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