Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Month

The smallest lady of our home celebrated her 1st month of life yesterday. It is SO hard to believe that she has been here this long already, but I have to be honest, it has been ONE.LONG. MONTH. Overall things have been going fairly well. Although she is not quite the sleeper her sister was, she is doing fairly well, and believe it or not we had one night where she slept through the entire night. I was AMAZED, but knew it was probably a fluke so I didnt get my hopes up too high =0) She also continues to grow like a weed. Last night I was getting her ready for bed and Ryan and I were checking her out. I said to him "look how big she is getting already" and he said, "she better slow down or she is going to outgrow her sister". I honestly can see this happening, and if she doesnt slow down, it is going to be really soon! (Yesterday I weighed her on our bathroom scales and it said she weighed around 12 lbs!!) Some other things going on in the little lady's life is stomach problems. They stink, they make her cranky and we cannot figure out how to make them better. The best we have done so far, is to hold her every.single.night. in the sling from about 7pm until midnight. IF we are lucky, then she goes to bed and does not have a knockdown dragout screaming fit during the night and if not, then if she has one, she is likely to have several more making for one looooonnnnngggg night. The doctor says this is perfectly "normal" though and that around three months (at the latest) her digestive system should mature a little more and things will get better. Overall, she is a very, very sweet baby that we are sooo blessed to have.
On another note, life has been rough for big sister. Overall she wants to be helpful and is from time to time, but she struggles with the amount of time that Reese demands from her Mommy. Nora has regressed in some areas and has become MUCH more whiny than she ever was before. Everyday I hope that it will get better, but so far it continues to be quite the challenge considering I CANNOT stand whining. The other day when I was having a really challenging day, I called Ryan and told him there was no way we could expect anybody to watch our children because if they were not my own I would have thrown them out the window. Thank goodness those days are few and far between and I had just had a bible lesson on realizing the positves when everything in life seems impossible. I cant tell you how many times I had to tell myself, "thank you God that I have these beautiful, healthy children that are able to do things to drive me crazy"!


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