Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Week:

Wow! It's hard to believe that our little Reese-a-roo is already a week old. This time last week I was sitting in my hospital bed in shock that she was here and in shock that she was as big and healthy as she was. So far, lfe with the little lady has been good. Reese is a pretty darn good baby. She has a bit of a gas problem, but I think we have found the solution. Reese is quite the sleeper, too. Last night was her first night to be cleared of jaundice so I was able to just let her sleep rather than waking her up every three hours. She slept from around 10:45 pm to 5 AM. I was shocked. I guess when you come into this world weighing 9 lbs you have a big enough belly to consume enough to sleep that long! Before we know it, she just might be sleeping through the night! Reese has also been doing good during the day, She has been an excellent tag-along to several events and playdates of Nora's which is great. So far, we are loving the new life we are living. I am totally enjoying the time home with my girls, and Nora is LOVING having her Mamma home to cater to her every want and need =0)


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