Monday, October 25, 2010

Conversations from the little lady

Today Nora, Reese and I went to the vet to pick Petey (our dog) from the vet. When we were leaving, like every dog, prior to getting in the car, Petey stopped to pee on the rocks. Nora noticed this and the conversation proceeded like this:
Nora: Mamma, Petey's peeing on the rocks.
Me: Yes Nora, he is. He's a dog, he pees on rocks.  Come on and lets get in the car.

I proceeded to walk to the car, leaving Nora behind me.
Nora: Mamma, I pee on the rocks like Petey
I turn around to see Nora on the ground like a dog, with her rear leg hiked pretending to pee on the rocks. I about died laughing, but was honestly thankful that she was this way and not squatting with her diaper off!


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