Monday, January 11, 2010

My little Mule...

I have decided Nora's new nickname has changed. She is no longer "Noodle" she is "Mule"... ya know... like stubborn as a mule... Why you may ask?!? Here is an example:
Yesterday Nora was on day four of refusing to take a nap. Normally I am the mean Mommy who makes her stay in her crib and cry until eventually she falls asleep, however, since she had just gotten over the flu I was fearful she might get sick and I wouldnt know it, so after not being quiet I went up there to check on her. Right before I had taken her up to nap she had been talking about cookies and I had told her no cookies now, its time for a nap... Desperate for some alone time I thought maybe I could bribe her into taking a nap by offering a cookie after she went night night. I fully expected her to not understand the concept and to end up walking down the stairs with a little lady and no nap.
Heres how it went:
Nora: In bed screaming bloody murder
Me: "Nora, if you lay down and go night night you can have a cookie after your nap"
Nora: Lays down, sticks her little butt up in the air, blows kisses and says "bye bye, see-ya"
Two hours pass andNora wakes up.
I enter her room and say : "Hi, did you have a good nap"?
Nora: "Cookie"?

What a stinker... and to think she is ONLY seventeen months old!!!


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