Thursday, November 18, 2010


Growing up my Dad was one tough cookie about having table manners. We ALWAYS had to sit at the table until everybody was finished, we had to ask him to be excused and we NEVER thought about getting up and walking around the table. My oldest sister did that, and we all learned our lesson. One night at dinner my Mom and I were being goofy. We were eating peaches and we both had put them in our mouth and made smiles out of them. My Mom started the game, but unfortunately just when I decided to follow along, my Dad noticed MY peach face smile. Just when he was about to chew me out he looked over at my Mom who was doing the same thing. For some reason, I will never forget this memory. I think this incident perfectly sums up the roles my parents played in my life. Dad was the "boss" who I was scared to death of, and my Mom was my best friend. Tonight at dinner I looked over at Nora and this is what she was doing:
Yep, thats my girl.That is NOT her tongue. Its a piece of meat. She thought she was sooo funny. I have to admit, I did too!


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