Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fix Your Feet

As many of you may know our little lady is plagued with "low muscle tone". What does this mean? Her feet turn inward, she more than occationally trips over them, and we are on the lookout for improvement. She has been seen by a pediatrician and assessed by an Physical Therepist. As it stands now we are just watching and waiting to see if as she grows her legs strengthen themselves and her feet straighten themselves out. Until then we have to be very stern about the way she sits and also have to do leg strengthening/stretching exercises. She is not allowed to sit on her feet, or have her legs under her at all while sitting. When we were told this I thought holy hell how in the world are we going to keep her from doing this? This is the ONLY way the girl sits. Surprisingly she has done a PHENOMINAL job at "fixing her feet" and now is catching herself when she sits down! Although we have a ways to go on getting those legs strengthened, I am SOOO proud of my little girls accomplishments in sitting with "pretty feet". Hopefully by the time she is three "fixing your feet" will be a thing of the past. If not, then we will be sure to get the coolest AFO's possible for the cutest little girl =0)


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