Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My oh my... could we PLEASE have a bubble?!?!

I have been having difficulties when it comes to blogging what to blog about. It seems like turning one for Nora =constant sickness and therefore that is what our life has been revolving around. That and trying to keep the house spotless in an attempt to sell the darn thing! 1st we had the kidney infection, then we had a reaction to our MMR shots, now we have croup. Ugh! I seriously just want to place Nora in a bubble and not let her get out! With all of these yuckys I am about to reconsider my whole theory on a little dirt wont hurt and start being that mom that carries around the bottle of sanitizer! There is only so much of being off of work and attempting to work from home with a sick, needy one year old that I can handle! I feel so sorry for Miss N, too. I constantly have to remind myself that although I am becoming a very sleep deprived Mamma, who is slowly getting further and further behind, my little girl is sleep deprived AND sick! I know that this is all part of raising a toddler, but can't God share the love with somebody else?!?!
Oh by the way, I have been a bad, bad Mamma who hasn't been taking pictures. The battery needs recharged and im not quite sure where the charger is. Lame excuse I know but at least I am telling the truth!


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