Thursday, August 20, 2009

12 month stats...

Nora had a busy day today. She took a trip to the doctor and had her parents as teachers lady come and do the Denver test on her. She passed her Denver test with flying colors. In fact, there were things she was able to do (spell her name and count) that according to this test are things that should not even begin until age 2! As far as the doctors visit goes, she had three shots (one more round at 15 months and she will be done until Kindergarten) and a clear checkup. It sure was nice to be back at the doctor for a well baby check rather than having to be there because we had a sick, sick baby!
Here are Nora's twelve month stats:
Length: 29.75 inches ( 75th percentile)
Weight: 18.8 lbs. (10th percentile)
Head: (shes a true Miller) 19 inches... we'll just say this stat is not exactly on the chart =0)


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