Friday, August 6, 2010

Yesterday, Today.

Two years ago yesterday I was due to have Nora. It was also Ryan and I's second anniversary. I can remember going to my doctors appointment knowing she was going to tell me nothing was happening. I was right. She stripped my membranes and I waited patiently for something, anything to happen. It did not. I remember going to dinner that night with Ryan being bummed. I remember getting a call as we were walking into dinner to schedule my induction. It was going to be on August 13th. I remember thinking that was A LONG way away. I remember the anticipation, the wait, the wondering. When? When would my little lady enter this world. I remember the next day and the day after that. I remember spending the evening of the 7th with my nephews and telling Zach I was pretty certain he would not be sharing his birthday with his new little cousin. I was wrong. At 3 in the morning all of my wondering, waiting and anticipating quickly came to an end. My water broke, I was in labor and the little lady was coming fast. I remember the sickness, waking up Ryan and telling him I thought I needed to go to the hospital and him saying half asleep "what for"? I remember it all like it was yesterday. But it wasn't, it was two years ago!
Sitting here today I cannot believe two years have gone by. I cannot believe that what was once a little bundle in my stomach is the sassy little lady I live with now. I cannot believe that in a mere two days I will wake up having a two year old! Time sure does fly. I think I need to stop and snuggle more often.


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