Monday, July 26, 2010

Monster. And I am not talking about the one who eats cookies!

Holy cow, I do believe we have hit the terrible twos a few weeks early. The past few days have been ROUGH around the Miller household. Nora has ALWAYS been a very independent little girl, but man lately it has been BAD. She insists on doing EVERYTHING on her own, even if she doesnt know how and WILL not let you help her. She also gets it in her mind that she is going to do something and you can either let her or listen to the most GOD AWFUL high pitched scream one has ever heard for a VERY LONG TIME. Today for instance we had THREE of these episodes. Once this morning when she was getting dressed, once when we got home when she decided she wanted to go in Daddas car and once again at bedtime. Holy cow! I knew that being two was gonna be rough, but we have got to figure out how to get dressed and undressed in less than an hour! Any suggestions? I sure hope so because this Mamma is DONE.... (and beginning to think paybacks truly are a _________)


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