Monday, March 29, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I do not recall time going so slowly when I was pregnant with Nora. It seemed like one day I found out I was pregnant, the next we found out she was a girl and then before we knew it she was here. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being pregnant. I really do. It just seems like this time it is CREEPING by. I am also DYING to know what the sex of this baby is. With Nora I just knew she was a girl. With this one, I honestly have NO idea but hope that with the extreme differences in the pregancy that it can only mean it is a boy. I know, I know... supposibly the sex is not supposed to make your pregancy any different, but I can hope right?!?
Honestly I can't say I want one sex or the other. I really do not care. I just WANT to know. I want to know rather or not I get the luxury of having TWO female teenagers in the home at once, or if we might get a break and have one of each. I want to know if Nora is going to remain our little girl, or if we are going to have to spread this title onto another little one. I want to know for the silly reasons. You know the materialistic ones.... decorating the room, buying "stuff", etc.,etc.
I guess for now I will just have to be patient. But surely 20 weeks will be here soon, right?!?!


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