Thursday, February 11, 2010


We just got back from vacation. We went to Naples, FL. It was beautiful. Ryan's parents have spent the winter down there (lucky ducks) so we took a long weekend to visit them. Much to my surprise Nora did well on the plane and only had one melt down when we had a layover in which we stayed on the plane and most everybody else got off. Aside from me feeling somewhat yucky (thanks to the pregancy) pretty much the entire time we had a blast. It was SOOOO nice to escape the freezing cold weather for a little while but awfully miserable to have to come back! Here are some pics from our trip.

Nora and her Daddy going in the ocean .
Nora LOVED playing in the sand! She was quite the little ham for the camera too!
Nora would not walk on the beach by herself. I guess she was unsure about the unsteady ground. Not walking did not stop her from getting where she wanted. She just reverted back to her means of transportation from a few months ago!
Nora LOVES water. I was not one bit surprised when her Daddy dunked her and she LOVED it. She quickly learned how to get her Daddy back though and used her bucket to dump water on his head. She thought she was pretty funny when she did it!


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